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For those of you who don’t already know, Kim Kardashian is one of those girls who is famous for being famous. She is the daughter of O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian. She is also coincidentally a friend of Paris Hilton, and she appeared in some episodes of The Simple Life. Kim Kardashian hasn’t done much else, and her greatest attribute (at least what has caught the public’s eye) is her body.

kim kardashian ray J sex videoHer, ahem, co-star in the celebrity sex tape Kim Kardashian Superstar is hip hop star Ray J. Never heard of him? You’re not alone. But he is the brother of R & B singer Brandi to put it in context. And seldom is the man very important in a celebrity sex tape anyway, unless it is being used as evidence in a criminal or civil trial. Or unless he’s endowed like Tommy Lee.

The criticism of the Kim Kardashian video , titled Kim Kardashian Superstar featuring Hip Hop Star Ray J, is that the sex is “boring,” and that there isn’t much of it. You would expect more from a hip hop star and a celebrity sex pot like Kim Kardashian. Especially since Vivid, who released the celebrity sex tape, made a big to do about keeping it off the internet and under wraps.

There is less than fifteen minutes of actual sex on the Kim Kardashian video, Kim Kardashian Superstar featuring Hip Hop Star Ray J. Which does not automatically render it a failure. There is relatively little sex on the Pam and Tommy celebrity sex tape as well, but with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, the producers got a little too cute.

kim kardashian ray J sex videoKim Kardashian in my book is by far the hottest damn celebrity that Hollywood has ever seen. See her poolside wearing a two piece red bikini baring her cleavage and her ass is something that I have been waiting for myself too! You can see her with her friend showing off her amazing body at the beach pool.

It’s hard not to miss her really with her amazingly good looks, her huge rack, and that nice big ass of hers! You can see Kim Kardashian on Meet The Kardashians with her hot celebrity sisters!!

What makes a celebrity sex tape hot is the voyeur aspect, the very fact that we the public are not supposed to be seeing this. But you don’t feel that way watching the Kim Kardashian video. Scenes are rotated, slowed down, looped and manipulated. Even the audio track is altered.

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Kim's Superstar Video

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